Wolfram Lizenzvereinbarungen und Nutzungsbedingungen

Nachfolgend ist eine kleine Auswahl an Links zu Lizenzvereinbarungen und Nutzungsbedingungen für Wolfram-Softwareprodukte aufgeführt. Eine vollständige Übersicht über alle Lizenzvereinbarungen und Nutzungsbedingungen ist auf der Webseite von Wolfram Research zu finden.


webMathematica Professional- sowie webMathematica Amateur-Lizenzbestimmungen

Wolfram Cloud- und Wolfram Programming Lab-Nutzungsbedingungen

Wolfram Mathematica Home Edition Lizenzbestimmungen:

Sales of Mathematica Home Edition is restricted to customers who will use the product solely for their personal use.

Accessing, installing, and using Mathematica Home Edition is governed by the terms and conditions set forth in the Wolfram Mathematica License Agreement and the associated Wolfram Mathematica License Certificate. The Use Class for this product is restricted to those using Mathematica Home Edition solely for their personal use, not for commercial gain. As such, the following Prohibited Uses supplement those in the general Wolfram Mathematica License Agreement:

  1. The Software may not be used for work or research in which the work product benefits, or is "work for hire" on behalf of, any Commercial, Nonprofit, Academic, or Governmental organization; and
  2. The Software may not be used for any purpose associated with seeking commercial advantage or private monetary gain.

Mathematica Home Edition is available for purchase directly through the Wolfram Webstore or ADDITIVE and is delivered via download only.

In addition, all Mathematica Home Edition licenses must be registered to the personal residence of the individual who is the primary user of the license. If the information provided by the customer during the activation and registration process does not meet these requirements, the license will remain unregistered and the customer will be unable to obtain support for his/her license (see "Mathematica Home Edition Technical Support Eligibility" for details). Customers will be given the opportunity to re-register their license to a personal address.