Statistische Standardverfahren in Minitab MCT*: Friedrichsdorf: 13.05-13.05.2014 GB-Software
Statistische Prozesskontrolle in Minitab MCT*: Friedrichsdorf: 14.05-14.05.2014 GB-Software
Faktorielle Versuchsplanung mit Minitab MCT*: Friedrichsdorf: 14.05-14.05.2014 GB-Software
Wirkungsfl├Ąchenversuchspl├Ąne mit Minitab MCT*: Friedrichsdorf: 15.05-15.05.2014 GB-Software
DOE in der Praxis MCT*: Friedrichsdorf: 16.05-16.05.2014 GB-Software
Mathematica Grundlagen und Programmiertechniken: Friedrichsdorf: 20.05-21.05.2014 GB-Software
Origin Grundlagen: Friedrichsdorf: 20.05-20.05.2014 GB-Software
Origin Fortgeschrittene: Friedrichsdorf: 21.05-21.05.2014 GB-Software
Mathematica - Optica: Friedrichsdorf: 22.05-23.05.2014 GB-Software
Origin Programmierung: Friedrichsdorf: 22.05-22.05.2014 GB-Software
ADDITIVE Wissenstranfertage 2014: : 01.01-31.12.2014
Control 2014: Stuttgart: 06.05-09.05.2014
European Wolfram Technology Conference 2014: : 27.05-28.05.2014 Wolfram Research, GB Software
SENSOR+TEST 2014: N├╝rnberg: 03.06-05.06.2014
UnRisk Academy: Workout In Computational Finance: Roomers, Gutleutstra├če 85, 60329 Frankfurt am Main: 26.06-26.06.2014
Mathematica Lehrertag: Friedrichsdorf: 02.09-02.09.2014

The ADDITIVE division Software provides engineering services and standard software in the field of technical scientific software for mathematics, statistics, statistical quality assurance as well as software for chemistry and life science, using LIMS and electronic laboratory notebooks. Furthermore, web-based systems for virtual conferences and application sharing are offered and can also be customized.
You will find our software products in the top navigation under products. As we intend to inform and consult you extensively, we provide an own product homepage for every product, in addition to news, support, information about fairs and other events, trainings as well as an eShop.
On the product homepages, you will also find the section public relations, which contains publications about products, case studies, press information and so on. Start your journey now!
In our section Solutions, accessible in the top navigation, we describe system solutions in cooperation with our customers and our products. You are very welcome to work on your software projects with us. We are looking forward to your application!

Download the ADDITIVE presentation with solutions from our buinsess unit SOFTWARE (german only)

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